2019 New Member Class

February 3 - March 3, 2019 - New Member Class

I’m excited to be facilitating another New Member Class.  Becoming an active member of Unity of Harrisburg is an important step.  It’s an increased level of commitment to the life of this community and to your own spiritual journey.
According to our by-laws, membership allows you to vote for Board of Trustees, approve the annual budget and to run for the board yourself.  Your time at Unity of Harrisburg is like anything else in life--the more you invest of yourself, the more rewards you will experience.
These classes will be held in the Sanctuary on Sundays, starting 11:45 a.m. after fellowship and will be 90 minutes long:
  • Class I – February 3, 2019               History of New Thought and Unity
  • Class II – February 10, 2018            Our Beliefs and the 5 Principles
  • Skip a week for Board Meeting.
  • Class III – February  24, 2018         Prayer/Meditation and Healing
  • Class IV – March 3, 2018                Prosperity and Abundance