About Unity of Harrisburg


We envision a World awakened to its Oneness, thriving with All in Harmony



Living the Truth we teach - we lead, serve and build Community


Core Values

LOVE:  To see the Divine everywhere; to listen with the heart; to speak clarity with compassion; to act with kindness and to leave no one out is to be love in the world.

TRUST:  Acknowledging our divinity and respecting our humanity, with healthy boundaries and personal accountability, we build a safe and trusting community, one interaction at a time.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH:  Studying metaphysical teachings, including sacred texts, we apply the eternal principles of spiritual law in everyday practice and open our minds to an ever-deepening understanding.

PROSPERITY:  Alive in gratitude, aligned with the all-sufficiency of Spirit, we are worthy stewards of the universal substance from which we generously give and abundantly receive.

CREATIVITY:  Immersed in the infinite field of possibilities, Imagination expresses through us as the highest and best in this moment.

SERVICE:  Honoring the diversity of our community, we engage in the life of community. We contribute to a greater good and each one is blessed.