The Biology of Belief

The spring book study, The Biology of Belief  - Unleashing the Power of  Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles, by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.,

...will begin with Chapter 1 on Sunday, March 17, followed by a "Deeper and Higher" class on Tuesday night, March 19 at 7:00 p.m. The book study will be completed on Sunday, April 28, and the last class will be Tuesday, April 30. 

Books are available in the book store. The class is provided on a love offering basis.
The week’s topic will be introduced at the Sunday Celebration Service. The Following Tuesday, there will be a class which will delve more deeply into the week’s topic.
The class will be held at 7:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall. Detailed schedule is as follows:
Tuesday, March 19: Chapter 1: Lessons from the Petri Dish: In Praise of Smart Cells and Smart Students
Tuesday, March 26: Chapter 2: It's the Environment, Stupid
Tuesday, April 2Chapter 3: The Magical Membrane & Chapter 4: The New Physics: Planting Both Feet Firmly on Thin Air
Tuesday, April 9: Chapter 5: Biology and Belief &  Chapter 6: Growth and Protection
Tuesday, April 30: Chapter 7: Conscious Parenting: Parents as Genetic Engineers & Epilogue: Spirit and Science