Bringing Spiritual Prosperity into the Physical

Unity of Harrisburg will embark on a 40-day journey to bring spiritual prosperity into the physical realm.
There are three major belief components for creating a Spiritual Prosperity Consciousness:  
  1. Acknowledging, recognizing and realizing that God is our Omnipresent Source that is only Good.  All of our Good comes from this Source.
  2. Acknowledging and realizing that God is our Divine Substance, the omnipotent energy and force behind and in all living things, including us.  Charles Fillmore said that we can envision this life force as flakes of gold and silver falling into our energy field--our being.
  3. Recognizing that ALL of our good flows from the Divine.  
Following this formula ensures our raising the Prosperity Consciousness within our own being.  “As within, so will it be!”
Our awareness, our focus, our intention is what brings about a higher consciousness of abundance.  
To support this intention Unity of Harrisburg will embark on a 40-day Prosperity Building journey.  An email will be sent every morning, beginning Jamuary 1. The email will contain the day's affirmation, which will assist participants in remaking their subconscious minds.  Emails will only be sent to those who wish to receive them.  Please sign up by emailing Barbara at or sign the sheet in the church foyer.
I hope you join us on this exciting journey .
Rev. Dan, M.Msc.