The StoweGood Weekend

Purchase Tickets for the StoweGood Concert and Workshop
Use this page to purchase tickets for September 21's concert and September 22's workshop. Saturday’s workshop includes a one hour lunch break.
NOTE: An optional boxed lunch from Sir D’s Catering is available for $10. Each lunch contains coleslaw, a piece of fruit, a chocolate chip cookie, and your choice of either a turkey sandwich on a roll with cheese or a vegetarian sandwich on a roll with cheese. No gluten free option is available. Lunches must be ordered by September 10.
If you prefer to bring your own lunch, you are welcome to do so. Bottled water will be provided.

Primary Contact Information

Phone will only be used if there are questions about your order.
Tickets purchased before September 10, 2018, will be mailed to you. Please provide your mailing address if purchasing before September 10, 2018.
If you are purchasing tickets for more than just yourself, please list names of others here.
Event Fee(s)
$ 20.00
$ 49.00
$ 10.00
$ 10.00