Message from the Board President

Looking Ahead with Gratitude for Our Many Blessings

Lois Batcheler

As we begin this new year, we find ourselves once again in spiritual transition. I am truly grateful for the lessons and for the opportunities these lessons provide for growth and service.

We have so many who share their time and talents, and if you would like to join that group, there are numerous volunteer opportunities available for you to consider:  Sunday school teacher, usher, platform assistant, prayer partner, sound team, shoveling sidewalks, ground maintenance, coffee host.  Offering your time is always appreciated.  Giving to your spiritual family offers loving rewards that feed the heart.  Thank you to all who share their time and talent with us.

It has been suggested that we resume rotation of Sunday guest speakers.  We will review the schedule in the upcoming months.  Currently, Rev. Shuso David Mihan has offered to speak for a short term period of time.  As a member of Unity of Harrisburg, David’s insights will be a great beginning to our new year.  His first talk scheduled for January 8, 2017, will be on clear identity.  

Nancy Kolstruck is recommending The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer for our annual winter book study.  We are offering an evening class and a morning class.  The morning class begins at 10 am on Wednesday, January 18th.  The evening is open for scheduling the day that works best for the class. Sign-up sheets are available in the church lobby.

Your board of trustees is exploring a four-part module developed by Unity Worldwide Ministries on creating a thriving ministry, holding a higher vibration to shift consciousness away from a lack mentality.  The program is presented one workshop per month for four sessions and is open to all congregants who wish to participate.  As more details are received, we will share them with you.

From the guidance and recommendation of our financial advisory committee, comprised of Joe Bedard, Barbara Nelson and Mary Callaghan, we have used some of Leesa Crnogorac’s living trust to reset our mortgage with a $100,000 pay down.  The interest rate will remain at 4.25% for another 5 years even though the Federal Reserve is considering an increase in rates.  Our mortgage will be less than $200,000.  We are so blessed by Leesa’s generosity to Unity.

Our blessings continue to overflow.  We are so grateful to Rich Willie and Stephanie Dynan for their continued work on the heating system for the church.  Both have saved us a lot of money in repairs by looking at alternative solutions to an inefficient geo-thermal system.  The heat is working more effectively, and we are very comfortable even on cold days.  It has been a successful journey.  Rich Willie has blessed us with a 30-year maintenance plan for both of our properties. Using this plan, the board will be able to continue keeping our buildings in good working order for the future.

Did you know Unity of Harrisburg has an endowment fund?  The fund will soon be providing small returns that can be used by the church.  As this return on our investment becomes known, we can discuss the best use of it for the good of our spiritual community.  This return represents another gift from long-term planning for the higher good of Unity of Harrisburg.

Blessings do not always present themselves so clearly.  However, we continue to be blessed in so many ways.  Each day I am so honored to be your board president.  I send everyone as many blessings as you can handle in a new year filled with faith, hope and love.

Joy to everyone,