Message from Rev. Dan

June 26, 2019

Does God Want Me to be Rich? (4)
The first week we introduced Step 1: KNOW, Step 2: Release, and Step 3: Alignment.  
The second week we added: Step 4: Choice, Step 5: Acceptance, and Step 6: HAVE.
The third week we added:  Step 7: Visioning, Step 8: LOVE, and Step 9: Decree.  
This week we added: Step 10: Surrender, Step 11: Gratitude, and Step 12: Action.  These last three steps occur after we are complete with the “Mental Equivalent” of our desire.
Now, to let it all go after all the work we have done is challenging.  It’s about trust and faith.  It’s about believing that God can do better than we can.  Our responsibility at this point is to maintain gratitude for having it in consciousness and taking any action our intuition guides us to do.
It’s important to start every day with the key question, “What is mine to do today?”  As we get silent and wait for the guidance, we rest in the knowing that all is well.
See you Sunday,
Rev. Dan, M.Msc
Sr. Minister, Unity of Harrisburg
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