Message from Rev. Dan

April 1, 2020

Dwelling in the Secret Place
One of my favorite scriptures is Psalm 91.  The incredible Divine protection, safety, security, and blessings that are promised to all of us that “Dwell in the Secret Place of the Almighty.”  I envision King David, five thousand years ago, sitting with his harp and composing this amazing piece of hope.
Especially during this uncertain time, I want to stay focused on what I can control.  I have zero control of what is happening around the world with COVID 19 except to do the five physical practices we are constantly reminded to do.  Beyond those, my focus is on what I can control--to work at staying in the secret place of the Almighty.
For me, it requires setting that conscious intention every day.  The two guidelines we are given to accomplish that are found in verse fourteen.  The first is to remember that name of God and the second is to express our love of the Divine.  I start my day and end my day with the following prayer, “Thank you God for your Big I which resides within me, and I know we are One.”  I then stay quiet until I feel it to be so.
Try this prayer this week and be observant to what you feel!
Stay well,
Rev. Dan, M.Msc
Sr. Minister, Unity of Harrisburg
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