Message from Rev. Dan

October 9, 2019


Everyone has a restlessness within them – a divine discontent – that they can be more than they are today.  There are those who are unaware of this; there are those who are aware but do nothing to change it, and there are a few who become aware and begin a systematic, consistent process of positive change.
We get to choose.  Eric Butterworth agrees with the Master/Teacher Jesus that Divine Love flowing through us is the catalyst for this ever-growing, upward-reaching consciousness of positive change.  He says we must change our belief that we came to earth empty and must search for love until we find it.  This is simply not true.
We are created from God, the ALLNESS, and being created from that Source means our very essence is Divine Love.  It is our job to remember who we truly are – Divine Spiritual Beings.  As we acknowledge that Truth and begin to release any belief that isn’t in synch with that Truth, we begin to raise our consciousness.
Our greatest need is not to be loved; OUR GREATEST NEED IS TO LOVE!  Be loving and compassionate to all!

See you Sunday,

Rev. Dan, M.Msc
Sr. Minister, Unity of Harrisburg
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