Message from Rev. Dan

November 28, 2018

The Crown of Glory
Emma Curtis Hopkins
Chapter 12, the final chapter, provides very specific instructions on how we can live in Heaven right now and right here.  We began this 12-week journey with Emma teaching us that our God is Good and that Good is our God.  Her instructions are, “there is Good for me and I ought to have it.”
Emma provides many “spiritual tools” throughout these 12 chapters.  Her final affirmation which I have found to be so helpful for me to stay on the beam of Truth is, “I understand I have it all!  Right here – Right Now!”
Jacqueline and I are leaving for our two-week vacation, so this will be my last blog until we return.  We will return Sunday, December 16.
See you in two weeks,
Rev. Dan, M.Msc
Sr. Minister, Unity of Harrisburg
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