Message from Rev. Dan

April 18, 2018

When our body becomes our mind
We are learning how our repetitive thoughts create the emotions which release certain chemicals that create our internal environment.  This internal environment causes our genes to release peptides or proteins that inform all other bodily functions that this is our normal.  We become “addicted” neurologically, biologically, chemically and energetically.  This creates the “stuckness” of the status quo.  This is habitual thinking and feeling.
We also have learned that many of the stress hormones and actions are caused in the lower three energy centers (chakras).  The issues of over importance of being sexy or being oversexed is created with stuck energy in the Base Chakra (first).  The feelings of fear, anxiety, worry, low self-esteem and depression are energies stuck in the Sacral Chakra (second).  And anger, rage, irritation, and frustration are related to energy being stuck in the Solar Chakra (third).
The process of this specialized breathing with intention of slowly and smoothly raising this energy back into the brain and the four ventricles opens us up to a higher vibrating frequency of brain waves.  As we practice this process and the “gateway” to the brain opens up to receive the stuck energy, we begin to feel the vibratory frequency of Gamma Waves.  Remember, from the first lesson, we must change the frequency of our brain to allow for a new normal.  Gamma frequency is referred to as the Superconsciousness or the Christ-Mind.
See you Sunday,
Rev. Dan, M.Msc
Sr. Minister, Unity of Harrisburg
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