Message from Rev. Dan

April 17, 2019

Is Palm Sunday Relevant?
For me, relevance is always an important question when looking at practical spirituality.  Because there is so much information today, it becomes important to filter out what isn’t practical.  Looking at the Bible stories historically or literally will always get us in trouble.  Looking at the Bible as a “playbook” to a higher consciousness or a more abundant life gives us such rich and deep teachings.
When we begin to understand that Jesus, the Master/Teacher, represents the I AM or Divinity within us, we begin asking important questions.  How does Jesus’ triumphant march up to Jerusalem apply to our lives today?
Jerusalem symbolizes that Divine Peace within us – the Kingdom of Heavens.  It is a peace that goes beyond any human understanding.  It is Heaven on Earth.  Jesus demonstrates by riding a “colt” that we enter Heaven on Earth when we learn to discipline our minds and master our thoughts.  As we learn to master our thoughts, we stay united with our highest and best good.  This process of mastery will lead us to the JERUSALEM within.
See you Sunday,
Rev. Dan, M.Msc
Sr. Minister, Unity of Harrisburg
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