Message from Rev. Dan

February 21, 2018

What happens on a snow day?
The decision was made with the late snow on Saturday and the unknown condition of our ramps to cancel service for Sunday.  I still woke up at my usual Sunday 5:30 am and was looking at the beauty and wonder of the newly fallen snow.  As the morning light came forth, it surely looked like a postcard picture.  It was so still.
In that stillness of the morning I was contemplating the phrase, “Be still and know that I am God” from Psalms.  I realized that I understood the word “know” as an intellectual process, but that understanding didn’t feel right.  I contemplated a deeper understanding of “know” to be an experience or feeling.  What did this “knowing” feel like?  How would I know when I reached this deeper level of knowing?
I decided to stop with the questions and simply be still.  I allowed my mind to slowly come into synch with my deep, slow breathing.  Slowly, I began to see and feel a new LIGHT within my being.  It was a new level of the Christ-Light, and it was intensifying within the very core of my being.  It felt like every one of my three-trillion cells was releasing another level of Light.
This experience brought a deepening meaning to “Seek first the Kingdom of God” within myself.  I realized that too often I had made this a thought and not allowed myself the feeling, not allowed myself the experience, not allowed myself the “knowing” at a deeper level within myself.  I now understand that I must find the time to connect with God like this--every day.  I now have a new understanding of “Practicing the Presence.”
See you Sunday,
Rev. Dan, M.Msc
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