Rev. Dan is Installed as Sr. Minister at a Sacred Commitment Ceremony

On Sunday, November 12, Rev. Joy Wyler, the Sr. Minister at Unity of Lehigh Valley and Rev. Dan's mentor, conducted a Sacred Commitment ceremony. Before the actual commitment ceremony, Rev. Joy spoke about relationships and their dynamics. She pointed out that we are like a three-legged stool; the congregation, the Board of Trustees, and the Minister each comprise one leg of this stool, and the stool cannot stand if all the legs are not functioning. Rev. Joy then requested that the board and Rev. Dan come to the front of the church. She read the commitment statements, explained each, and asked the congregation, the board and Dan to repeat each. 

The statements to which we committed are:

  1. I commit to my relationship with Unity of Harrisburg. 
  2. I commit to maintaining my prosperity consciousness and to seeing the highest and best for all. 
  3. I commit to maintaining a culture of open and loving communication in our relationship. 
  4. I commit to being steadfast in love and faith in our relationship.