These Processes Work! -- a Success Story by Courtney Genise

I have read and am implementing the ideas from Dr. Joe DiSpenza's book, Becoming Supernatural.  I have read and am (still) implementing concepts from Edwene Gaines' book, 4 Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.  I am reading and absorbing the information from Dr. Bruce Lipton's book Biology of Belief.  (Notice a theme?)
So, I read a book, begin the process of incorporating the ideas methods, etc. and then life happens, I forget, or (insert excuse here).  Every one of the above books has helped me adjust my perceptions, and when I make time to work the process, the process shows up as abundance.
I realized I had not finished implementing Edwene's 4 (it's only 4!) concepts.  I decided I really needed to write down my goals.  One goal, under growing my business, is to increase sales to a minimum of $2-5 (tens, hundreds, thousands, it doesn't matter) per week.  Sunday while Rev. Dan was discussing how our community has grown and the record tithes we have received, I realized my sales last week began with a 7, higher than expected!  Not only does the process work (when you work it), but it showed up EXCEEDING my goal!  My next step is to go back, write loftier goals and work the process! EVERY DAY.  
So often I allow the day to "get away from me" when I know I need to be present, be in the moment, instead of just floating along being busy.  I have experienced several huuuge (to me) confirmations that these processes work!  Why am I not sticking with it?  Why, do I think, it's okay for other people to be successful, and not me?  Am I afraid of success?  Looks like there is much more for me to work on than just writing down goals and reading books.  
I am understanding how the universe works, and the universe is conspiring FOR me.
blessed be.